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Beware of Bill Paying Services

Members beware! There is an on-line bill pay website that appears to be affiliated with Flint Energies, but it is not. is a third-party website that allows people to pay their electric bills via their website. What you don’t know is that may charge you extra fees to make those payments.

We caution you further. By using this service, it could result in a late payment on your account or even disconnection due to non-payment. Flint Energies cannot control when we will receive your payments from To make sure you’re paying Flint Energies directly, visit our website, You can also pay via our member portal, mobile app, kiosk, text or by phone.  By using one of our authorized payment options, you will not be charged an additional fee and you will have the security in knowing your payment is posted without delay.

As always, if you receive suspicious phone calls or emails from someone claiming to be a representative of Flint Energies, requesting payment, please call Flint Energies at 1.800.342.3616.



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