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Smart Select

Smart Select

When all of us use electricity more efficiently, everyone wins. That’s why Flint Energies offers the Smart Select program. When you allow Flint to install a load management switch at your home, you’ll save energy. As a reward, you’ll save money through bill credits for participating. First, you receive a $36 bill credit for signing up and meeting with an installation technician to have a Smart Select device installed in your home. In November, you’ll receive a $25 bill credit following the successful operation of the Smart Select program.

Here’s how it works:

During times when many people need electricity at once, Flint Energies must meet that demand. At a certain point, additional – and more expensive – generation units are needed to supply the energy. This increases the price of electricity. Smart Select uses a device to briefly interrupt the flow of power to central air conditioners during times of high demand for electricity. Electric water heaters and pool pumps are cycled off between 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. from May to October on days when demand for electricity is at its highest. (Most participants don’t even notice.)

By shifting the time some people use energy, Flint Energies can manage the demand for it and decrease the need to build new power plants. This also helps keep the cost of electricity stable – and that benefits everyone. Flint Energies will not normally control appliances on weekends or holidays. The program could operate during critical times and possibly in the winter months, if the demand for power becomes so great that it creates a need to manage the use of electricity.

Signing up is easy. Call us today at 1-478-988-3902 in Warner Robins, or you can call toll free at 1-866-988-3902 to schedule an appointment. Smart Select is a switch to help the environment and the savings are passed along to you.

Or, click here to sign up.

Have more questions?

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